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This step-by-step, information-packed course empowers you to leap over the competition, helps your young performer book more work, and avoid expensive mistakes.

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I have personally seen people waste hundreds and even thousands of dollars in mistakes when starting out their young performer in the entertainment industry. Avoid these costly mistakes as I guide you through Entertainment Industry and audition red flags and golden rules, so you can learn to see what the Casting Director sees, and what the Director wants.

“So who the heck are you and why on God’s green earth should I listen to you?!”


Great question!


I have been lucky enough to have had quite a journey in the Entertainment Industry. As a  member of the first postgraduate class of the Acting Program at LIPA, I began my career acting professionally on stage, on network TV, and in studio films. I then founded AJ Casting, Reel Extras (at one time the largest background casting service in the Northwest), and OMH Creative. Currently, in addition to producing commercials for Fortune 500 companies, I frequently guest lecture  at colleges and universities. I am known to have a no-nonsense, common sense approach that demystifies the casting process and gives performers the tools they need to be successful in the highly competitive world of “The Biz.”

Hi, I'm Aaron and I like colorful jackets.

Ok, fine… you want to know who I’ve worked with? Here is a short list:

  • Paramount
  • Warner Brothers
  • Walt Disney
  • ABC
  • CBS
  • NBC
  • Fox
  • American Heart Association
  • Microsoft
  • Nintendo
  • Honda
  • Intel
  • T-Mobile
  • Boeing
  • Toyota
  • Chevron
  • U.S. Army
  • Quaker State


Now let’s stop talking about me and start helping you and your young performer!


Time to cart close.


The Big Picture

The structure of a commercial production, tips on what you can control, and where you and your young performer fit into the equation.


Need an Agent? Already have one but want a better one? Don’t know where to start and feeling overwhelmed?! No worries, we have you covered! In this moduile we teach you all about agents.

  • Types: What they do
  • What they are looking for
  • What they charge (and what they shouldn’t charge for!)
  • Top Questions to ask to ensure an agent is the right fit for you
  • How do I get an agent?  An interview with Noreen Hobson, owner of LUX Talent, one of Seattle’s premiere talent Agencies
Union & Non-Union Work

Being familiar with the various performers unions, the standards you can expect, and knowing what you and your young performer are entitled to makes all the difference. In this module you will learn:

  • Which unions to join and the smartest ways to join them
  • Empower yourself with the going rates for varies production types to ensure you negotiate to your child’s advantage
Head Shots

People agonize over this one, but I demystify the secret to getting a great head shot without spending tons of cash. This module alone will save you hundreds of dollars. You will learn all about:

  • What you want (and more importantly what you don’t want)
  • How to pick a photographer
  • How much you should pay (and tips for getting a great deal!)
  • Top questions to ask before picking
  • How to choose the winning shots
  • Reproductions (and where the pros go to get deep discounts without sacrificing quality)

You are doing your resume wrong. Don’t worry, we’ll get through this together. How about I make it completely easy and just do it for you?

  • How to put together a professional looking resume
  • Templates to get you started quickly

It’s the big day. I’ll walk you step by step from before you walk through the door, all the way through your child’s smiling face at the end of the audition. I’ll cover in detail:

  • Step-by-step preparation leading up to the audition and the audition itself
  • A typical commercial audition walk-through
  • Common audition mistakes and how to avoid them (so you can look like a pro even if it’s your very first time!)


Oh, did you think that was it?! BONUS TIME.

  • #1
    Resume Templates

    Both US East and West Coast resume templates in popular word processing formats so you can get going quickly.

  • #2
    How would you like to have the mailing address and phone number of every franchised agent in the entire US?

    I’m not even kidding. Not only did we compile a comprehensive list, (which took a while, let me tell you), but we broke them down by city and state. Oh, you’d like it to be even easier?…ok…how about we put it in Excel so you can just print out labels and start sending out your head-shots immediately? That sound good? BOOM!

  • #3
    Tip Sheets

    Preparation is key. I’ll provide you with:

    • The Smart Stage Mom workbook that you and your young performer can go over together
    • On-Set terminology tips (so you can talk the talk from day one and know your MUA from your AD)
    • Top questions to ask a head shot photographer
    • current performer pay rates
    • Recommended online repro houses so you can get the best deal on head shot printing


This course is for parents and young performers that want to cut to the chase and start booking more work...NOW.

THE COMPETITIVE PARENT - You look at the other parents sitting across from you in the waiting room and you want to crush a really nice way.

THE BUSY MOM - You work full time and parent full time. Your kid wants to start going to auditions and you need to get your head wrapped around this quickly and with no-nonsense.

THE SMART STAGE DAD - The Smart Stage Mom sounded like a good course name, but we are not sexist around here! If you are a Dad with a young performer that wants to be successful, this course is for you too.

THE MOTIVATED YOUNG PERFORMER - This course is not for parents and kids that just want to do the school play (and there is nothing wrong with that). This course is designed to help you get paying work and start a career in the Entertainment Industry. It's called Show BUSINESS for a reason. It takes dedication and hard work.

Leapfrog over the competition and skip YEARS of roughing it in the business with practical tips and tricks to succeed in acting, modeling, and more.

Plans & Pricing


Oh my, you sound motivated. That’s what I like to hear! As soon as you purchase you get a unique username and password where you can access the entire course. All modules are digital and downloadable.  And your bonuses have been pre-loaded for you. The money you could save in head shots and reproductions alone pays for the course several times over. The time you will save second guessing yourself and feeling confidant walking into that audition room is priceless.

I’ve seen how much workshops cost in LA, New York and elsewhere…why is this course so affordable?

Because of the phone calls and office visits I have had. It is infuriating to hear stories from parents and their heartbroken children about fly-by-night “Casting Services” that come to town, promise the moon and stars, find ways to pressure parents into ridiculous “pay-to-play” fees, and then skip town. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to have good information. Is the information I provide valuable? YES. Should only the ultra-wealthy have it? NO.

30 DAY Guarantee! No Risk.

What sort of guarantee do you offer?

We Offer a ZERO RISK, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. I want you to feel informed and empowered. If you don’t feel the same I want you to have your money back with no hassle.


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"The Smart Stage Mom is an excellent resource to help those interested in an acting career, not just stage moms, make good decisions and avoid many of the common expensive mistakes many actors make when starting their career."

"You have covered everything I would have ever needed to know and more!! After completing The Smart Stage Mom, I have learned so much more about the industry and I am so excited to get started on all the new info that you covered to help my daughter succeed in her dream of becoming an actress! Thank you Aaron for such an amazing course!! We greatly appreciate it!!"

"Over our years in this business with my 2 daughters I would guess we easily wasted at least $3000 dollars on things that were not helpful and in some cases made things more difficult simply because we could not get the right information! When we started out we got our information mostly from other parents who really didn't know much more than we did. Education in this field is everything, there are a lot of people ready to take advantage of parents who don't know how the entertainment business works. With this course parents are given all the info they need from INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS, to not only get started, but to be successful and most importantly, have the confidence needed to relax, have fun, and BOOK JOBS!!!"


X 3 months

Instant, full lifetime access

All templates and bonuses


Updates & Support



FULL PRICE (Best Value)

Instant, full lifetime access

All templates and bonuses


Updates & Support