Words From a Casting Director: “It’s not you… No really it’s not.”

Why Casting Directors Aren’t Responding

If you’re like everyone else in the entertainment industry, you hate waiting. However, there are certain things to keep in mind when you reach out to an agent or casting director. Aaron J Jacobs, founder of Reel Extras, shared his thoughts on the subject:

Hey Guys and Gals. Let’s have a quick word. Just between friends, like I was a friend that just happened to be a Casting Director. When you submit your headshot and resume to me, I get it and keep it on file. I don’t usually respond. “Why?“ You might ask. “Are you a self important jerk or something that can’t reply to an email?” That’s a completely fair question.

First, I get a lot of submissions. Responding to every performer that sends me a headshot and resume package would be a full time job in and of itself, hundreds a week at times. If a job comes up that one of my clients feels you are a potential match for, trust me, you won’t be able to get rid of me. Phone, email, plane, boat, train, I’ll camp outside your house if I have to to get you to that audition.

I know you want to work. I want to help you and my client find each other. Don’t be offended if it doesn’t happen right away. I’m not slighting you or trying to tell you something by my silence.

Oh, and don’t send me 11 emails (not exaggerating, that is the exact number) in 2 weeks demanding my immediate review of your headshot and resume and asking why I haven’t cast you yet.

TheCastingDirector.TV April 2011

There’s Nothing To Worry About… Probably

Keeping this in mind, be patient with casting directors and agents. It is their job to represent your young performer, and that is exactly why they should only be getting paid when you get paid. If they ask you for money for any reason, they have less motivation to find work for your child. In this case, don’t even bother with emails; get out of there!

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