How to Dress Kids for an Audition

people kids girls boy children fashion clothing model candy smile happy friends asian No matter how long you’ve been in the biz, the question of how to appropriately dress your child for an important audition is always there.  You want your child to be the one the casting director thinks is the perfect fit for the part but you don’t want to look like you or your kid are trying too hard.  Let Toddlers & Tiaras be a warning to us all about the dangers of child actor outfit excess.

Toddlers and Tiara’s aside, here are some concrete tips for dressing the part without overdoing it: Continue reading

6 Show Business Terms for Your First Acting Job

Have you had an embarrassing incident with showbiz lingo yet?  If you haven’t, count yourself lucky. Whether it’s mistaking a “fixed cycle” for a mountain bike or assuming the “best boy” is the director’s son- misunderstanding showbiz lingo is easy to do whether you’re new or experienced. For people new to the business, the crazy number of acronyms thrown around can seem absolutely overwhelming.  It’s not! Let’s focus on some big ones you might hear at your first audition.  We’re going to assume you know what “Action!” means: Continue reading

How to Raise a Child Actor

Jodie Foster turned out okay.

So being a stage mom is a little glamorous, right? Even if you’re doing a good job as a mom and not to living through your child it’s totally natural to enjoy sharing with your friends and family when your child has booked a commercial or landed the role of Annie.  This is what it is all about! These are the successes we work so hard for!

That said, what does it take to make sure your child grows up to be a little more like Jodie Foster than Lindsey Lohan? Continue reading

4 Rules of Audition Etiquette for Stage Moms

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You Stage Moms work tirelessly getting your kids ready for auditions. Running them to acting and dance classes, dressing them to look the part, and running lines.  We KNOW how hard you work. That said, don’t get so lost in all the hubbub over getting your kid ready to wow the casting director that you forget that you are auditioning as well.  Here are some tips to help both of you ace child’s audition: Continue reading